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Premium SMTP server

99.00 EUR / month

Traffic limitation100 Mbps
Free Domain1
Email AliasUnlimited
Dedicated IPyes
Number hosting canUnlimited
Limitation send40000 / days
SMTP statisticsyes
Ability to add IP3
Installation costsfree

Options included


Add IP6.00 EUR
Diagnostic server30.00 EUR
Automatic rotate SMTP100.00 EUR / month
Premium support245.00 EUR / month
Service formation300.00 EUR
Add FTP service30.00 EUR
Delist service185.00 EUR / month
Add web interface100.00 EUR
Add design campaign30.00 EUR
Create newsletter template150.00 EUR
IP change20.00 EUR
Delist IP10.00 EUR
Help to optimize your scripts150.00 EUR
HDD 500 Go50.00 EUR / month
HDD 1 T090.00 EUR / month