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Professional SMTP server

150.00 EUR / month

Traffic limitation100Go
Free Domain1
Email AliasUnlimited
Dedicated IPyes
Number hosting canUnlimited
Limitation sendUnlimited
SMTP statisticsyes
Ability to add IP5
Installation costsfree

Options included


Add IP6.00 EUR
Diagnostic server30.00 EUR
Automatic rotate SMTP100.00 EUR / month
Premium support245.00 EUR / month
Service formation300.00 EUR
Add FTP service30.00 EUR
Delist service185.00 EUR / month
Add web interface100.00 EUR
Add design campaign30.00 EUR
Create newsletter template150.00 EUR
IP change20.00 EUR
Delist IP10.00 EUR
Help to optimize your scripts150.00 EUR
HDD 500 Go50.00 EUR / month
HDD 1 T090.00 EUR / month
Delist name60.00 EUR